Ever heard of LUMPY RADIO? If the answer is no than you must be living under a rock!

  • You may know lumpycat.sol (crypto investor/trader & NFT collector/artist) from Co-Hosting ROI$ Podcast.
  • He is also the Co-Founder of ROI$ Investments, along with Roy Spencer aka Big_Mac_Man_ (financial genius).
  • ROI$ Investments is the community they have built focusing on helping community members understand crypto & stocks, as well as provide educational/informational investing & trading tips. Lumpy and Roy manage this community on Discord.
  • ROI$ Podcast is the medium that sprouted an amazing community of people who are trying to advance their knowledge on all things investing and trading. Their website is a great resource that has all of Roy’s stock & trading strategies, as well as much more.

ROI$ Podcast Channel: ROIS Podcast — YouTube


  • LUMPY RADIO is lumpycat’s LIVE radio station broadcasted live through Twitter Spaces. It is than later edited, uploaded, and distributed onto Apple Podcasts and Spotify

LUMPY RADIO🎙🫠 | Podcast on Spotify

What is LUMPY RADIO about?

  • lumpycat’s show focuses on crypto news, as well as NFT news. lumpycat is a very big Solana blockchain advocate, so many of the cryptos he talks about are SPL-tokens (cryptos made on Solana).
  • lumpycat gives great insight into the Solana ecosystem (Liquidity pools, staking protocols, yield farming, borrowing & lending) as well as great information on what’s happening within the Solana NFT space!
  • “We also get WILD!” If you’re not apart of the ROI$ Investments community, or you’re not a regular listener to LUMPY RADIO than you can and should expect to be roasted. Roasted like a chestnut over an open fire.
  • While LUMPY RADIO is made up of a few different members, lumpycat is the ring leader and has been known to act very tyrannical when it comes to the show, and has even gone so far as to making a member wear a DUNCE cap while locking his Discord user in a small chat room where he is unable to interact with anyone else. It is cruel and sick.
  • LUMPY RADIO is not only a stain on Web3 peace and acceptance, but it also encourages toxic male patriarchy behavior…While we don’t have actual proof, we have tuned in to the show and right away lumpycat was hurling offensive remarks that make me feel sick as I type this.
  • If we allow this amazing new medium to have such sick sick people on the platform, we can expect woman to have no rights within 5 years.




Anonymously surfing Web3 catching waves 🌊

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Citizen Anonymous

Citizen Anonymous

Anonymously surfing Web3 catching waves 🌊

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